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Welcome to Med3 Dermaceuticals

Med3 Dermaceuticals, a California based company, was formed to develop, manufacture, and distribute leading edge skin care products worldwide. With leading scientists and a world renowned doctor developing the formulations, the anti-aging line of products uses breakthrough technology. We continually research to add as many natural, botanical and organic ingredients to our formulations as possible.

Med3 collagen-based products have been developed with the specific goal of providing the nutritional ingredients that help restore skins natural ability to keep itself healthy. With Cleansers for Oily and Normal/Dry skin, Facial moitsurizers with complete sunscreen, protecting from both UVA and UVB rays, Collagen Serums and a Collagen Concentrate, our range of products cover all skin types and all skin ages. Weve also added a body moisturizer for all over moisturizing and a whitening cream to help fade the look of age spots. By concentrating on regeneration, nutrition and protection, we have come up with a formulation that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pore size as the skin becomes properly cleansed, nourished and moisturized. When skin is at its healthiest, it appears smoother, softer and younger-looking.

So use the Med3 Dermaceutical skin care line for Healthy, Radiant Skin At Any Age!!!


Med3 Dermaceuticals Founder Story

I was working as a massage therapist and noticed that my skin was really beginning to age.  I noticed that I was getting dark spots on my hands and then on my face.  I also noticed that those fine lines from smiling were actually becoming very deep and very noticeable.  I started feeling my age. 

I tried using makeup, but that only made the problem even bigger, so to speak.  I tried several moisturizers and skin care products, but nothing ever seemed to change how my skin felt.  In fact, I noticed that I started to have reactions to nearly everything.  Moisturizers would just absorb into my skin and leave it feeling even more dehydrated than before.  I also had reactions to all of the different scents in products.  I ended up with loads of half used jars and tubes of lotions and potions.

I decided to take a look at what types of “ingredients” the skin provides and what they are for. I learned that Hyaluronic Acid and Copper are naturally occurring and essential for skin to be healthy.  I then began to look at skin care ingredients and realized that there were several things missing in the products that I had already tried. 

Through this process, I discovered Med3 , a company that my father was in the process of developing  and his collagen based skin care products which have changed my life to the degree that I now run the company.  Everyone tells me that I look particularly pretty these days, yet nobody can really pinpoint what it is.  I like that.  I have finally found the solution to my skin care problems, and I now find that I have time to focus on the nicer things in life.

Angela Imperato, Spa Owner in Los Angeles
As a 46 year old who is seeing the signs of aging and approaching 50, I started looking for the miracle creams. Now I know from being an Esthetician for 17 years that there IS NO such cream, however I stumbled across a line called Med3 which is Medical Grade Collagen. I gave myself a facial with the Collagenizer using the medical grade collagen serum and my husband who hardly ever notices my skin, said to me today, "you don't have any makeup on" your skin looks great". That's all it took, I'm sold. 
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